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Walking Lightly

Toilet-Cleaning Fizzy Bombs

Toilet-Cleaning Fizzy Bombs

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Making toilet-cleaning easy, fun (ok, well, as fun as toilet-cleaning can be), and plastic-free. 

Simply drop a fizzy bomb into the toilet, swish with cleaning brush, and give a few minutes to fully dissolve. Once dissolved, clean as normal, flush and marvel! Can also be used to freshen your garbage disposal.

Package of 8 comes in a paper bag with biodegradable liner, approximately 6-7oz.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid powder, lemon essential oil, hydrogen peroxide, distilled white vinegar

Warnings: Keep toilet-cleaning fizzy bombs away from children. Do not ingest.

Manufactured by: Walking Lightly, LLC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
These are so fun

I never thought I would say this, but I look forward to cleaning my toilet now. There's something about dropping a bomb in and watching it fizz that is so satisfying! Works great too, no more "blue stuff" needed!

my kids want to clean toilets now!

My kids love dropping these bombs in the toilet, and can't wait for their turn to use them. What are these things, magic? Happy kids + clean toilets = happy momma!

Michelle D.
The best toilet cleaner

I am obsessed with these toilet fizzies. I drop in the toilet tank or bowl and walk away for several minutes before returning to swish around. The fizzing action has removed rust/iron stains that the leading, well-known brands of blue chemical cleaner had repeatedly left behind. I didn’t even really need to scrub! I love that this product is safe for the environment and has an amazing fresh citrus smell. There will be no more questionable blue stuff in this household!