Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

The Best Sustainable Gifts for 2023

For everyone on your list, we've got a thoughtful, intentional gift that's just right.


For Your Brestie

Handmade ceramic pots with femme energy make perfect candles, cups, propagators, or catch-alls. Pairs perfectly with a Boob Swedish Dishcloth!


The Caffeine Addict in Your Life

Give the gift of an elevated coffee game. These gorgeous cups are made from durable, tempered glass with a sustainably harvested cork band (made from discarded scraps from wine cork!) for a comfortable hold and a sleek design destined for compliments.


The Homebody with Style

Give the gift of cozy with Kantha quilts made by the stitching together of vintage saris into one of a kind works of art. Each one is unique and has its own vibe, patterns, and stitching.


The Home Chef

Keeping veggies crisp longer & reduce food waste, Vejibag is the healthy, eco-friendly alternative for storing and preserving vegetables in the refrigerator. If your favorite home cook also loves their cast iron, make the perfect bundle by pairing the Vejibag with the best Cast Iron Conditioner you'll find.

The Go-Getter

Colorful Zero Waste Planner, Made in MI

This open-dated planner combines a minimal, open, spacious feel with a little touch of geometric playfulness. Made in Michigan with sustainable products & practices. Add an all-metal (with metal refill) pen for the perfect compliment.


Hostess with the Mostest

Made in small-batches, these signature scents are sure to bring peace of mind and home. Freshening without synthetic fragrances, you might want to grab one for you and one (set) for gifting.


The Practical Sustie

Terracotta Kitchen Countertop Composter

Sleek, dishwasher safe, made of bamboo, this beauty is the perfect gift for your loved one interested in composting. Diverting your food waste from the landfill is an incredibly impactful way to reduce your carbon footprint! Prefer to keep your scraps in a bag for less washing? These bags are the perfect size.


The Impossible to Shop For

What do you get the hard-to-shop for person on your list? The perfect tote for refillers and a gift card to their favorite local refillery, of course!


We believe that gifting is best when it's thoughtful & intentional (of course everyone hates buying something just to buy something) and we also believe that we can celebrate the people and traditions we love without creating excessive waste that's harmful to the planet. Here's to a green holiday season! 

                                                                                               ~Walking Lightly team

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