Helping Metro Detroiters reduce plastic waste with refills of home and body goods in-store and with local delivery! New, expanded hours! Check delivery areas below.
Helping Metro Detroiters reduce plastic waste with refills of home and body goods in-store and with local delivery! New, expanded hours! Check delivery areas below.
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Q: How will 'fill your own' option work?

A:  1. Choose your container. You can purchase a bottle, use a deposit jar, or you can bring your own containers(clean and dry, please). We also have community donations available that we have re-cleaned and sanitized.

2. Get the weight of empty jar (or tare). Weigh your container at the self-weigh station, grab a tag to record the tare weight as well as product information.

3. Fill your container. Get as much or as little of the beautiful, people and planet-safe product you would like.

4. Make your purchase. Bring your containers to the register and we will weigh them, subtract the tare weight, and voila, you pay only for the product you want! 

5. Repeat & Tell all your friends about us! 


Q: Why don't you ship? 

A: For now we want to cut down on shipping and keep it local. Our community is where it’s at! 

Q: What if I’m outside of your delivery zone but I’m really interested?

A: Yay! We’re so glad that you are interested! You can now shop in-store at our Ferndale storefront: 1031 Hilton Rd. If you would prefer to order online with store pickup, free to send us an email or a dm over social media and we can set it up with you. 


Q: How does the deposit system work?

A: Deposit jars are available in the shop, and are the primary way we offer bulk liquids for delivery. The $2 deposit fee is included in the price you see on the website. When you get your product, you put it in jars you already have at home, and then the next time you are getting a delivery, leave your empties out for us to collect. We will provide you with a discount code to use with your next order. You are also welcome to return your jars in the shop. 

Q: Will I get my own jars back?

A: Probably not. But rest assured we have our customers’ safety at heart. Jars are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

Q: Why don’t the pump/spray tops fit the deposit jars?

A: Deciding on how we wanted to put out products has been a long, ongoing process. We wanted to try to keep it as simple and cost-effective for folks as possible. Using the canning jars that we do allows us to keep overhead low. There are some beautiful jar systems out there, but we wanted to stick to our simple mission of reducing waste. We do offer some options for purchasing bottles for use in our zero-waste accessories. These work with an initial ‘direct-fill’ option, and then you can fill from deposit bottles over and over! 


Q: How do I get my product into my own container?

A: We've got direct-fill options both in-store and deliveries. But if you like the deposit system, a funnel is the best way to transfer. You of course can use a clean funnel you have at home, or we have two funnels available in our ‘zero waste accessories’ collection. The super-skinny mini works for clean dream spray, but is likely too thin to work well for thicker products. The less-skinny mini would work well for hand/body and dish soaps, shampoo. Lotions and conditioners will work with the less-skinny mini, though they’ll just take a little longer. We’re looking for more options - but we want to find non-plastic, and cost-effective options. We don't recommend that you keep products in the deposit jars for duration of use, as sometimes moisture could cause rust on the lids, and we wouldn't want you to have anything less than the perfect product you got with your order!

   For online orders: Order home & body products using ‘direct-fill’, then get in touch with us to let us know what you would like filled directly. You can send us an email, a pm/dm, or just leave us a 'note for seller' in the shopping cart. Leave your clean, labeled containers on your porch/stoop/etc. the night before delivery. (You can leave them out that morning if you are an early riser, but deliveries tend to be early in the morning.)


Q: Is this 'fill your own' option safe?

A: Yes. As reported in June 2020 by the Guardian, "119 scientists from 18 countries say reuseable containers do not increase the chance of virus transmission. The statement by the scientists who include epidemiologists, virologists, biologists, chemists and doctors, says that based on the best available science and guidance from public health professionals, reusable systems can be used safely by employing basic hygiene." Please know that we will be sanitizing our hands between every transaction, as well as any surface that comes into contact with containers used. Find the link to the article here:

Please know that if a container is visibly soiled, we will not fill it. We will use a deposit jar and send an invoice later. Also, if containers aren’t left out but this was the option chosen, we will again use deposit jars and send an invoice. Thank you so much for your partnership on this! We are really excited to bring this option to our community, and we know there will be a few hiccups along the way. That’s ok. We’ll figure it out together! And we’ll reduce waste along the way!


Q: Are products more expensive than buying them at a big store or online in a plastic bottle?

A: Sometimes. There are a few reasons for this, and also some good news. We work with closed-loop suppliers. This means that our partners take on the added work of collecting and sanitizing containers that they ship in, and this costs more than having you (or us) throw away, or 'recycle' a container. You know what's cheap? Virgin plastic. But while the monetary cost is small, the environmental cost is great. Products we carry are also made with ingredients that are safe for people and the planet. These quality ingredients are often more expensive than cheap detergents and chemicals, or ingredients like Palm Oil, the extraction of which has devastating effects on the environment. Lastly, partners we work with are also paying their employees living wages. So, sometimes refilling may cost more. Sometimes it doesn't; because you aren't paying for any packaging, and you are getting a higher quality, and sometimes more concentrated product; it depends. But here's the good news. We are investing in a circular economy, and by shopping here, you are, too! As companies see consumers investing this model, more will be willing to participate (financial incentive), and this will drive prices down and make sustainable options more affordable. Also, we are happy to help you find the most affordable products!


Q: Why wouldn't I just buy zero waste products online?

A: Well, you can. But it'd be cooler if you didn't. If you choose to shop locally, you get the benefit of refilling exactly what you want and need; skip the wasteful subscriptions and shipping. We promise to be transparent and honest with you, absolutely zero greenwashing here! You also get to support a company that is supporting your community. We make donations to local community organizations (some past donations have been to: Corner Shower and Laundry; Keep Growing Detroit; Affirmations; Make Food Not Waste Detroit, Planet Detroit) and we host educational workshops, and share resources. If you have some ideas for ways that we can help support our community, give us a holler! We are here to support the community and we are so grateful for you supporting us!


Have a question you don’t see here? Shoot us an email: and we’ll get you an answer. Thanks for being here to read this! We’re really grateful for your interest.