Local Delivery: How it works

The following is how-to for delivery:
  • Check to see if you are in one of our two delivery zones: 
  • Zone 1: Royal Oak, Clawson, Berkley, Madison Heights, Birmingham, Ferndale, Oak Park, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge, Troy, and the neighborhoods in Detroit just to our south. (zip codes 48073, 48067, 48017 48072, 48071, 48009, 48220, 48237, 48030, 48070, 48069, 48007, 48083, 48221) Delivery is free for orders $25 and over. Orders under $25 have a $3 delivery fee. 
  • Order your zero-waste products online. Most bulk items require you to choose a size, and your product will be delivered in glass jars. By default, these will be sanitized community donation jars, but you can choose to use a deposit jar if you prefer, for a $2 deposit for each jar in your order.  The next time we drop off an order, leave your empty containers for us. If you are leaving deposit jars, we will have shared a coupon code for the cost of deposits to be used at your next order. 
  • Delivery is no longer a set day of the week. Orders will be delivered between same day and up to 3 days from order date. We will contact you with any variances. If you have any special requests, please let us know in 'notes to seller' or shoot us an email.
  • In the 'Cart' page, press "Special instructions for seller" and  let us know if there are any special requests for drop-off. We recommend leaving a cooler out for delivery and that you bring products inside as soon as possible so that products are not exposed to the elements and maintain their quality, as some products are moisture and/or temperature-sensitive. If there is precipitation and we don't see a cooler, we'll repurpose bags or boxes to try to keep your order protected. 
  • Transfer product into containers you already have, and enjoy knowing that you are making a difference in reducing plastic waste! We do not recommend using glass in or around the bath/shower! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We want to be your partner in sustainability!
  • If you are looking to pick up your order in-store, just send us an email, message, or include a 'note to seller' at checkout. 

Notes about delivery:

  • For variances in delivery, we will post on social media (ig/fb). If you have an order placed and there is going to be any disruption, you will receive an email from together@walkinglightly.net .
  • Products delivered will be labeled with: product item, manufacturer, and scent, noting Walking Lightly as distributor. Please reference the website for full product description, instructions, and ingredients.
  • Warning: Products may be packaged in a facility that comes into contact with tree nuts.