What can you refill in the shop?

Our current refill offerings in the shop: Grab your containers and we'll see you soon!


Bath & Body:

Hand & Body Soaps

Hand & Body Lotion

Body Oils

Deodorant Cream

Epsom Salts, Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers

Bubble Bath 

Hand sanitizer


Facial Care

Gel Face Wash 

Facial Toners 

Facial Moisturizer & Makeup Remover 


Hair Care:



Detangler Spray

Dry Shampoo

Texturizing Salt Spray


Oral Care:





Bug Spray


Aloe Gel 



Liquid Laundry

Laundry Powder

Oxygen Brightener


Household Cleaning:

Dish Soap

Dishwasher Gel & Tabs

Rinse Aid

Vinegar (distilled white, 5%)

Antibac Toilet Cleaning Concentrate & Toilet Cleaning Fizzy Bombs

Wood & Tile Cleaning Concentrate

Daily Granite Cleaning Concentrate

All-Purpose Cleaners

Glass Cleaner

Wood Soap

Soap Nuts

Baking Soda

Citric Acid



Essential Oils

Isopropyl alcohol (99%)

Hydrogen Peroxide, aka 'Liquid Unbleach'

Witch Hazel

Beeswax pellets, local


Herbs & Spices

Adobo Seasoning Blend Organic

Baking Powder (no added aluminum)

Bay leaf whole org

Cajun Seasoning, Organic

Cardamom seed, ground org

Cardamom pods, whole organic

Catnip Herb Org. C/S

Cayenne organic ground

Chia seed whole

Chili Powder blend organic

Chili Peppers, crushed red blend

Chamomile Flowers

Cilantro leaf c/s organic

Cinnamon, ground organic

Cinnamon sticks organic

Cloves ground organic

Cloves whole organic

Cocoa Powder Org with Alkai

Coriander Seed, Ground, Organic

Cornstarch organic

Cream of Tartar powder

Cumin seed ground organic

Curry powder organic

Dill weed c/s organic

Elderberries whole organic

Everything Blend, organic

Fennel Seed, Whole, Organic

Flax seed whole organic 

Garam Masala organic

Garlic powder organic

Garlic granules

Ginger root ground organic

Hibiscus flowers, c/s organic

Italian Seasoning Organic

Lavender flowers whole organic 

Nutmeg ground organic

Nutritional Yeast mini flake

Onion white powder organic

Oregano leaf c/s organic

Paprika ground org

Parsley leaf, org

Pepper black medium grind org

Peppercorns black whole org

Pickling Spice mild sweet *seasonal

Poppy seed whole organic

Pumpkin Pie Spice organic

Rosemary leaf whole organic

Sage leaf rubbed organic

Salt, Himalayan Pink, coarse

Sesame Seeds, whole, organic

Smoked Paprika Organic

Star Anise, whole organic

Sweet Basil leaf c/s organic

Taco Seasoning Organic

Thyme leaf whole organic

Turmeric root ground organic

Vanilla Beans, Whole Organic



Ceylon Orange Pekoe FT Org

Chai Black FT Organic

Chamomile Flowers

Cinnamon Orange tea

Earl Grey Black Tea FT Org.

Elderberry Echinacea Wellness Tea, Org

English Breakfast Black Tea

Hibiscus flowers, c/s organic

Jasmine Green Tea FT Org

Lemon Ginger tea

Matcha Powder Org. Japanese

Peppermint leaf c/s

Yerba Mate leaf c/s


Bulk Dry Goods:

Coffee Beans, changes seasonally, roasted locally by Dessert Oasis 

Organics Pumpkin Seeds, Raw, (Hull-less)

Coconut, Shredded Medium Conventional

Popcorn,  Yellow 

Mango, Dried, Organic

Dried Cranberries

Cashews Raw Whole, Organic

Almonds, Raw, California

Lentils, Brown

Golden Temple Granola, flavors change seasonally

Garbanzo beans, dried, non-gmo, kosher

Penne Azuroni Gourmet Pasta, Organic

Quinoa White, Organic

Wild Rice

Oats, Rolled, Regular & Gluten-Free Organic

Tortilla Chips, Sea Salt from Pulp Pantry


Candy: vegan & free from artificial dyes