Collection: Donations

At Walking Lightly, we recognize that working to better our planet cannot be done without simultaneously working to protect people and communities. Environmental justice requires social justice. It is an indisputable fact that there exists a disproportionate impact of environmental hazards (which lead to larger health disparities) on BIPOC. We have a responsibility as a business founded in eco-conservation to be working on both a micro and macro level to dismantle environmental racism. We are listening to experts in the field and are committed to learning about ways to make a difference. For now, on the micro level, we are looking to partner with Corner Shower and Laundry to help provide package-free products to this community organization working on the front lines to help community members meet basic hygiene needs with dignity and respect. When you are purchasing package-free products for your own home, we hope you will consider also purchasing a package of unscented laundry powder for Corner Shower and Laundry. Walking Lightly staff will take donations down monthly, and for every 9 bags purchased, we will donate the 10th. (We will be working to figure out how to offer other package-free products to Corner Shower and Laundry as well.) Please know that these products will not be delivered to you, they will be taken directly to Corner Shower and Laundry on the next monthly donation day. If you would like for us to grab a tax receipt for you, please make this request in your 'note to seller' in the cart section, and we will be more than happy to provide this to you after the donation is dropped off. Let's do better, together! And check out the amazing work that this organization is doing: