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Toilet UnPaper

Toilet UnPaper

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Toilet UNpaper® is 100% cotton flannel, reusable family cloth for all! Yes, we said it -  reusable toilet paper. This listing includes 24 Toilet UNpaper® strips paired with a 4.5" recyclable Kraft Paper tube. The roll is the perfect size to fit on your existing toilet paper holder. Each strip measures approximately 4.5" wide x 12" long (About 3 paper squares long) Toilet UNpaper® strips are single ply - 100% cotton flannel Edges are sewn for durability and to prevent fraying Absorbency is increased after the first few washes. PROPER CARE - WASH INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT FLUSH TOILET UNPAPER® Collect the dirties in a bin or Wet Bag, wash every 2-3 days and DON’T FLUSH! After they've been washed, simply stack them up and re-roll one at a time.

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