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Guppyfriend Washing Bag

Guppyfriend Washing Bag

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Invented by a pair of dedicated surfers, this patented laundry bag prevents microplastics from shedding off clothes in the washing machine, leading to polluted waterways. Made of medical-grade nylon, it lasts hundreds of loads (the guppies and other fish will thank you).

The Problem

Microplastic released from washing harms the environment.

With each wash, countless microfibers from synthetic textiles make their way from washing machines into rivers, lakes, and oceans. Once in the environment, the microfibers concentrate pervasive bacteria and pollutants. They are consumed by aquatic organisms, which can result in gastrointestinal infections and blockages, reproductive problems, and starvation.

Serious consequences are not limited to animals and nature. The tiny plastic fragments threaten our own health: They enter our food and our bodies through the food chain.

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