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Buddha Bunz

Vegan Bamboo Dryer Balls

Vegan Bamboo Dryer Balls

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Buddha Bunz bamboo dryer balls are made from 100% bamboo fiber from sources in North America only! Each ball is lovingly made by hand in San Antonio Texas using minimal processing and no chemicals for the last 14 years. These dryer balls have been endorsed and used my all of the top cloth diapering manufacturers and users all over the world. 

What's a dryer ball? 

Dryer balls are tossed in the dryer and bounce around with your laundry and speed up dry time while keeping your laundry super soft all with no dryer sheets, no fabric softener and no chemicals! 

How many do I need? 

The more you use at one time the more they will help speed up dry time. Using 4-8 balls depending on the size of the load seems to be the magic number! 

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