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Bamboo Wood Stickers

Bamboo Stickers

Bamboo Stickers

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 Love to add a little color and character, but tired of plastic stickers? We now offer the most darling stickers made from bamboo! No microplastics here! They are tough, long-lasting stickers, though do make sure you don't bend against the grain, they will break. Bend with the grain, all good. Here are some places that folks are highlighting their sustainably stylish bamboo stickers:

  • Cell phones, tablets and laptops
  • Cars, bikes, or other vehicles
  • Water bottles, coffee mugs, barware
  • Skis and snowboards
  • Books and journals
  • Flower pots and vases

If you're ordering online, feel free to reach out and see what we have in stock first, we'll keep a cute little selection rotating through!

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